Exceptionally Rare Chamberlains Worcester Pea Hen and Chicks c1821

Heading : Exceltionally Rare Chamberlain's Worcester 'Pea Hen and Chicks' Animal Model
Date : c1821
Period : George IV
Marks : Iron-red hand painted cursive Chamberlains Worcester
Origin : Worcester; England
Colour : White body with gilt details, and banding to matt blue base 
Pattern : A pea hen and three chicks, gathered together on a log over applied primroses

Condition : Excellent; no chips, cracks or flakes; gilding is almost entirely complete including the very fine feather details; one of the individual primroses has lost a tiny part of three petals
Restoration : None
Dimensions : 9.5 cm high - base 6.5 cm diameter
Weight : 163 grams

Note : This has proven to be extraordinarily difficult to track down; the model is listed only as an extract of a manifest reproduced in Chamberlain-Worcester Porcelain (Geoffrey Godden 1982) page 214, which catalogues various items sent down from Worcester to the company's London retail premises - seventeen pieces referred to only as 'Pea hens' were despatched during the winter of 1821/22, and listed at a cost price of £10 10s


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