Vauxhall Porcelain Tea Bowl and Saucer c1755-60

Heading : Vauxhall Porcelain Tea Bowl and Saucer
Date : 1755-60
Period : George II-George III
Marks : Unmarked
Origin : Vauxhall, London, England
Colour : underglaze blue on white 
Pattern : unnamed - shows a man walking through a somewhat strange landscape, possibly gesturing at someone - or something - out of sight

Condition : Excellent; no chips or flakes; the rims to both pieces are somewhat rough to the touch, but this would appear to be 'original'; there is a minute crack to the underside of the saucer, right in the middle, but this does not show through the body, although it is more than just a glaze crack; there is a tiny amount of kiln-spit to the base of the tea bowl's well
Restoration : None
Dimensions : saucer 11.6 cm diameter x 1.9 cm high - tea bowl 7.2 cm diameter x 3.6 cm high
Weight : 94 grams

Reference : See British Blue and White Porcelain Saucers by Steven Goss (2018) page 100; plate 185

Eric Knowles Comments : It is to be imagined that these pieces date from the earlier period of Crisp and Sanders' partnership when they were still competing against other manufacturers of tea-wares, and before making the decision to concentrate on figures. This departure also proved to be a largely unprofitable venture, and the towel was duly thrown in during 1763



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