H & R Daniel Porcelain Dessert Plate Pattern3835 - c1825

Heading : H & R Daniel Porcelain Dessert Plate - Pattern Number 3835
Date : c1825
Period : George IV
Marks : gold-painted pattern number 3835
Origin : Stoke-upon-Trent; England
Colour : White base with gilt and polychrome decoration
Pattern : Number 3835; a yellow and claret iris-like flower with forget-me-nots to the centre of the well, surrounded by gilt foliate branches and swags; to the lip - three moulded and lilac-tinted bunches of fig leaves and grapes, and three further moulded flowers which form the centre of the gilt-work. A gilt border applied just inside the edge of the rim.
Features: A somewhat unusual contoured edge to the rim, which is known as 'cusped-shape' to H & R Daniel aficionados
Condition : Excellent, other than a 6 x 11mm flaked chip to the underside of the rim - not at all obvious at first glance - and a 5mm nibble off one of the 'points' of the rim; two patches of minor wear to the gilt rim decoration
Restoration : none
Dimensions : 22.4 cm in diameter and 2.9 cm in height
Weight : 354 grams

Eric Knowles Comments : The father and son partnership of Henry and Richard Daniel are relatively little-known in the pantheon of Staffordshire potters, but produced some very highly regarded items during the twenty four years that their company flourished. They made very finely decorated, high quality wares and were patronised by the great and good of time as a result. Their relative obscurity owes much to the fact that few of their pieces are marked, and have become recognised as a source in their own right only over the last few decades with the discovery of archived documentation - previously they were often mistaken for pieces from other, more well known, sources.

Reference : Staffordshire Porcelain (Henry Godden, 1983) - page 286, plate 425 et seq





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