Longton Hall Trembly Rose Painter Leaf-Shaped Dish c1755

Heading : Longton Hall Leaf-Shaped Dish
Date : 1754-57
Marks : None
Origin : Staffordshire, England
Colour : Polychrome overglaze enamelling
Features : Naturalistic leaf stalk handled moulded desert dish, hand painted with flower sprays.
Size : 22cm by 22.6 cm including the handle - 5 cm deep to rim
Condition : 20mm chip off the rim of the lobe opposite the handle, and further, smaller chips in other places; there is a 55mm crack through the body underneath the handle, though this has not separated; also, a fine fissure from shrinkage along the inside of the foot-rim, glaze-sealed for the most part and a thumbnail sized chip out of the foot-rim's outside edge; sporadic kiln-spit and under-glaze inclusions; burst glaze bubble under the handle to the outer surface, below the handle. 

Restoration : none
Weight : 696 grams

Notes : William Littler's Longton Hall pottery was one of the first British porcelain producers. It remained in business for little more than a decade. The relief-moulded leaf and strawberry dishes are the most widely recognised products, alongside the "snowman" figures produced during the early years. Pieces decorated with moulded and coloured tulip petals are widely admired as are pieces which exhibit the work of the 'Trembly Rose' painter, such as this example.


Reference: Longton Hall Porcelain by Bernard Watney Pl. 58 A

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