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Daum Glass Bowl Gilt Metal Mounts By Victor Saglier c1900


Product Code:JED119

1 in stock

1 in stock


Heading : Daum glass Victor Saglier gilt metal mounted acid cut and enamelled footed bowl
Date :
Origin : 
Gilt metal with strands of black bryony or woody nightshade berries woven through a stylised pelmet
Body :  
White and gilt enamel chrysanthemums on a translucent. hammered base
Base : 
Polished with gilded Saglier VS and boat trade mark
Glass Type : Lead free
Size : 23.1cm diameter to rim. height 11.6cm
Condition :Excellent. Minor wear on the base as anticipated
Restoration : None
Weight :  1390 grams

Eric Knowles Comments

Victor Saglier has been credited for supplying gilt metal mounts for various French glassmakers including Daum. Legras and Sevres. Victor Arwas in his indispensable book Glass Art Nouveau to Art Deco (Abrahams 1987) illustrates Saglier’s trademark on page 285 but mistakenly credits the VS to Verrierie de Sevres

The attribution to a glass maker responsible for the bowl is straight forward. This is Daum.

In summary the metalwork by Victor Saglier and the glass by Daum

Additional information

Weight2500 g


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