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Konstantin Razumov (B. 1974) Lady in Cafe


Product Code:23100201

1 in stock

1 in stock


Artist : Konstatin Razumov (born 1974)
Title :
Woman in Cafe
Medium: Oil on canvas
Frame : Giltwood
Restoration: None

Additional Information 

Konstantin Razumov is one of the finest Russian artists working today. His style can be seen as a modernised version of the great Russian Romantics of the 19th century (Ilya Repin etc.). He is best known for his portraits of ladies. either dressed in the Belle Époque style such as this charming example. or in his wide range of sensual nudes.

This piece is a particularly fine example of his clothed women. A beautiful young Parisienne sits elegantly smoking a cigarette in a holder in front of an open letter. Her face and disposition are inscrutable; a subtle ennui eminates from her. Has the letter brought her bad news from a lover or is she simply existentially bored?

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