Georgian Silver Tea Set London 1799 John Robins


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Heading : Georgian Silver tea set 1799
Date : Hallmarked in London in 1799 for John Robins
Period : George III
Origin : London, England
Decoration : Includes teapot, hot water jug, cream jug, and teapot stand. Each piece with extensive gadrooning to covers and bodies with rococo scrolled chasing and IC monograms. Cream jug with parcel gilt interior.
Size :  Hot water jug: 26cm height, 26.2cm handle to spout. Teapot: 17.5cm height, 28cm handle to spout. Cream jug: 13.5cm height, 13.5cm handle to spout. Teapot stand: 15.7×11.6cm, 2.3cm height
Condition :Excellent, minor wear commensurate with age.
Restoration : None
Weight :  1907 grams, approx 1645 weighable silver (does not include weighted teapot stand)

Although the Regency did not officially begin until 1811, historians generally refer to the ‘era’ as starting c1795. This piece is entirely in the Regency style – the Prince of Wales (later George IV) was a significant patron of the rococo revival style which dominated the period.


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