Bohemian Engraved Glass Tumbler Depicting Hunting Scene c1770


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Heading : A Bohemian engraved tumbler
Date : Third quarter 18th century
Origin : Bohemia
Colour : Clear. smokey hue
Bowl : Tapered. engraved with three horsemen carrying sticks*
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Soda lime
Size : 11cm tall.  9.5 cm bowl and 7 cm foot

Condition : Excellent. no chips or cracks
Restoration : None

Weight :  253 grams

*This will be a little distateful to some but this is part of our collective heritage. The glass depicts gentleman who are are engaged in a wild boar hunt otherwise known as “pig sticking”. This was a sport practiced by cavalry as this required a great deal of good horsemanship. Once the boar had been flushed. usually with dogs. then the riders would chase it down until the boar was exhausted. The riders would then “stick” the boar whilst still mounted or dismount.

To this day in France when boar hunting a sword will be carried to administer the coup de grace. Pig sticking was also prevalent in India during the Empire and continues to this day controlled by the Tent Club. Many thanks to a member of the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent for their invaluable input.


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