Success To Mr Coopers Waggons Georgian Tumbler c1820


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Heading : Wheel engraved Georgian tumbler
Period : George III -1800-1830
Origin : England 
Colour : Clear
Bowl : Conical with petal cutting to base. Wheel engraved “Success to Mr Coopers Waggons above an English carriers waggon being pulled by eight horses

Pontil : Broad polished
Glass Type : Lead
Size :  12.8cm Height. 10.3cm Bowl Diameter. 7.4cm Foot Diameter.
Condition : Excellent. no chips or cracks. Small white inclusion in base. 
Restoration : None 
Weight: 377g

V&A number: C.498-1922

The waggon depicted is similar to the more famous American conestoga waggons which were capable of traveling off-road allowing for greater versatility in the drive to the West or “Manifest Destiny.” The carriers waggon weighed around two tonnes prior to being laden. Large numbers were exported America to support the British Army only to be captured as they were not suited to the rough terrain. The conestoga was lighter. shorter and had a more curved chassis and required less horse power.

There are a numerous references to Mr Cooper’s waggons in court records and chronicles. including the murder of a labourer of a rival waggon train by one of Cooper’s workers in 1812. In 1796 a Mr Cooper Waggons. from Yorkshire. is noted as being engaged in the transportation of coal from Halifax to Sheffield and also being contracted for the delivery of cloth to the ports of Hull and Liverpool.


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