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A Bohemian Engraved Tumbler The Pursuit c1770

Heading : An engraved tumbler depicting a pursuit
Date : Third quarter 18th century
Origin : Bohemia
Colour : Clear, smokey hue
Bowl : Tapered. Engraving depicts a farmer with a pitchfork pointing at a hare and encouraging his dog to chase it away. A stag is swimming away and there is a goose and a bird also in flight. A barn is set within the landscape.
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 11cm tall,   9cm bowl and 7cm foot

Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks. Some bubbles and dark inclusions within the glass
Restoration : None

Weight :  204 grams

This same glass was first sold by ourselves in 2013. You may preview this.

The interpretaion of the engraving has changed significantly to that written by a former employee. This is a blatant comedy rather than a hunt. The animals being hounded are simply returning behind the farmers back. This may be a reference to the futility in fighting nature, or perhaps live and let live. A hunt it is certainly not, pitchforks are not a tool of the hunter. This tale lends itself to a the surface of a glass better than a flat canvass.

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