Substantial Honorific Rummer for the King of Hungary c1780

Heading : Substantial Honorific Rummer for the King of Hungary
Period : 1760- 1800
Origin : Bohemia
Colour : Clear
Bowl : Engraved with the King of Hungary processing on horseback, with his retinue holding a baldachin over their regent, and others prostrating themselves before him; also features a large bowl of tulips which - in spite of their more usual Dutch connotations - were first cultivated around the Bosphorus and Persia, and are the national flower of Hungary, essentially because they were the traditional favourite of the country's rulers throughout history. Also engraved with the phrase 'VIVAT REX HUNGARIA' - 'Long Live The King Of Hungary'
Pontil : Snapped with engraving over the scar
Glass Type : Lead-free
Size : 12.2 cm high - 10.3 cm diameter rim - 8.0 cm diameter foot
Condition : Structurally sound but with several superficial scratches and wear and heavy mossing to the underside of the foot; bubble inclusions throughout including two small blisters to the bottom of the bowl
Restoration : None
 : 599 grams 

Note : Whilst there is no real indication on this glass as to which King of Hungary is referred to, Stephen I who reigned from c1000AD is revered as the founder of the country and its greatest monarch; he is invariably depicted on horseback, and is immortalised as such in a modern-day statue in Budapest.

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