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Georgian Flamiform Ale Glass c1730

Heading : Georgian ale glass
Period : George II
Date : c1710 - 1740
Origin : England
Colour : Clear
Bowl : Conical with flamiform moulding
Foot : Domed and folded
Pontil : Snapped
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 13.3cm tall with a 6.6cm bowl and 7cm foot  
Condition : 15mm annealing crack in the lower fold. This is from manufacture
Restoration : None
Weight : 133 grams

Glasses of this type were produced for a long period. The foot is domed and this is indicative of an earlier date. The stem is comprised of a blade knop ( merese) above a ball knop and cushion. This is also indicative of an earlier date. Finally the glass is not thinly blown as one would expect with very early examples.



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