An Agricultural Themed Engraved Glass Rummer c1800

Heading : An Agricultural Themed Engraved Glass Rummer
Period : George III
Origin : England 
Colour : Clear 
Bowl : Cup shaped , engraved with a plough, harrow and scythe. Monogram WS
Stem : tapered plain with a
Foot : Lemon Squeezer
Pontil : Moulded
Glass Type : Lead 
Size :  13.5cm height,  9.9cm diameter bowl, Foot 6cm x 6cm
Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks 
Restoration : The edge of the foot has been polished. Note the canted edges and lack of any fritting
Weight:  348grams

There are many taverns called The Plough and Harrow and variations thereupon that remain to this day. Some later glasses with farming implements may be associated with the Swing Riots. This example is too early.

The engravings also have a connention with masonic symbolism, the fruits of ones labour and the harvest. The scythe and the sickle serve to remind the user of the fragility of life and that it can end at any time. The plough and  harrow verso the start of life. "To plough and mow, to  reap and sow and be a farmers boy" goes the traditional ballad.

Georgian glass rummers are among the most usable of all 18th century antique Georgian drinking glasses. A rummer  is most versatile, a fine and generous wine glass or beer would be more appropriate in this case





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