A Gillies Jones Cloudburst Bowl

Heading : A Gillies Jones Cloudburst Bowl
Date : 2011
Origin :
Rosedale, Pickering, Yorkshire, England
Bowl Features :
Willow or Osier branches in deep plum,  internal high relief on a matt clear ground. Clear glass pedestal foot
Marks : Signed on base. 06/119 Cloudburst IV Gillies Jones Rosedale
Type : Studio
Size : Height 12.8cm diameter 24.5
Condition : As new
Restoration : None
Weight : 1165grams

Additional Information: Designed by Kate Jones, produced by Stephen Gillies in the Heart of God's own. The first piece in three years to get a 100 percent "wow rating" in the office. The fact that this was made within spitting distance of Spaunton the spiritual heart of Yorkshire and the home of one of the oldest board game known to mankind " Merrills" or "Nine-man-Morris" has two of our number reminiscing of moorland and Pickering Beck.


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