Glücksburger Hütte Wine Goblet Or Punch Bowl c1745


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Heading : Giant Glücksburger Hütte goblet
Date :
Origin : Saxony. Germany
Colour : Clear
Bowl : A round funnel engraved with the coat of arms of the city of Hamburg
Stem : A hollow stem comprised of a cushion knop inverted baluster knop and an annular knop. The stem is entirely facet cut
Foot : A marked museum replacement domed and facet cut foot
Glass Type : Soda
Size : 33.8cm tall with a 15.4cm bowl and a 17.8cm foot.
Condition : Excellent. no chips or cracks.
Restoration : None
Weight : 1196 grams

References: Glasslexocon- Ein Worter undHandbuch Thomas Berg.

This glass was in he collection of the late Thomas Berg and it has also been displayed at the state musum Cologne. The glass has a faint musum acquisition number on the replacement foot. it may have been damaged before their stewardship. Exhibited Matserpiece London 2017 by W Warner.

Es gehe den Magestrat der stadt Hamburg wohl auch dießen so hier auß auß trincken solln.

The magistrate of the city of Hamburg would probably drink from this too.

This leviathan of a goblet is clearly a portrays some civic pride. The good burghers of Hamburg probably commissioned this to demonstrate their affluence. The city coat of arms. the inscription and the the sheer size . When filled with three bottles of wine one would certainly be demonstrating ones wealth and some strength too. If intended to be used than we would suggest that it is a punch bowlor simply a decorative item.

Pieces such as this drive our unflagging interest in antique glass. The history behind both the manufacturer and the decoration of this glass are pertinent to millions of people all over the world. Made c1750 in Saxony. the story of this glass traverses five continents via the Seven Years war and two hundred years through the Dutch Republic.

Manufactured at the Glücksburger hutte (Glucksburg glass house) in around 1750 the glass house was sacked by Prussian troops and. although it survived the attack. it eventually closed down at the end of the war. The Seven Years War was one of the most momentous conflicts in human history. Sometimes referred to by historians as “World War Zero” the Seven Years War spanned five continents and led to the death of over a million people.

The French and the British were essentially fighting for control of the American Colonies and this involved those from the colonies themselves. Eventually the British took control of the greater share of the American colonies (not for long with independence being declared only fifteen years after the war ended) and the French lost their mainland European supremacy. The French economy tanked when the  government was unable to pay debts accrued during the war. Many historians consider this as one of if not the primary cause behind the French Revolution.

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