John Northwood Or Stourbridge Glass Co French Ale Glass c1875

Heading : John Northwood/Stourbridge Glass Co French Ale or Tall Wine Glass c 1875
Date : c1875
Period : Victorian
Origin : England
Colour : Clear
Bowl : Round funnel
Bowl Features : Engraved and acid-etched with two classical female figures
Stem : Hollow, tapering from a conical base to a blade knop immediately below the bowl
Foot : Conical; etched design (outlined - see note below)
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 198mm in height; 65mm diameter bowl; 74mm diameter foot 
Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks
Restoration : None
Weight: 128 grams

Additional Information : These glasses were decorated by the Northwood factory after 1870 as part of their popular classical Greco-Roman range. The 'outline' which appears around the design on the foot is in actual fact residual binding material which indicates that gilt decoration had been applied - the gold has worn off, leaving its somewhat less edifying 'ghost' in situ.



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