A Czech Skrdlovice 'Antique Glass' Bottle Vase Designed 1946

Heading : A Czech Skrdlovice "Antique Glass" vase
Date : Designed 1946
Origin : Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic 

Bowl Features : Pale blue 'bubbly' glass with green rams horn handles and a navy blue line running through the body with a green eye.  

Type : Lead
Size : 27.5cm height, 9.5cm diameter 
Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks 
Restoration : None
Weight : 592 grams

Additional Information :

Part of Emanuel Beranek's "Antique Glass" range, the bubbles in the glass were created by disolving various salts into the melt. This was originally done during the Second World War to hide impurities in low quality glass but proved so beautiful and popular that it was continued after better quality materials became available. The blue is made with enamel powder. This is a rare and large example. 


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