A Unique Isgard Moje-Wohlgemuth Studio Glass Vase 1977

Heading : A Unique Isgard Moje-Wohlgemuth  Studio Glass Cylinder Vase 1977
Date : 1977
Origin : Hamburg,
Marks : Signed and dated MOJE 1977
Type : Lead glass coated with metal oxides
Size : Height 15.1cm, diameter 7.0
Condition : Excellent
Restoration : None
Weight : 418grams

Additional Information :Isgard Moje-Wohlgemuth (1941-2018) was born in Gumbinnen , East Prussia. She founded a glass workshop in Hamburg in the early 1960s with Klaus Moje whom she married. Her output included stained glass and items such as this decorated with metal salts dissolved in oil, applied with a brush and fired at extremely high temperatures. The process of repeated to add additional layers of colour and depth. This same method was also used to produce jewellery.


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