Engraved Masonic Glass of Plenty One Pint Capacity c1850


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Heading : A 19th century engraved Masonic glass c1850
Date : c1830-1860
Origin : Germany
Colour : Clear. good grey tone
Bowl : Tapered. Engraved with the name George Esser. multiple ears of barley. set square and compass
Foot :  Engraved with a daisy
Pontil : Polished
Glass Type : Lead free
Size : 15.2cm tall.   8.8cm bowl and 6.4cm foot
Condition : Excellent. no chips or cracks. A bubble in the base and small inclusions
Restoration : None
Weight : 464 grams

The surname Esser is derived from middle german asse – meaning axle. Esser was a common name for wheelwrights. This has a pint capacity a measurement that fell out of legal use in Germany in 1872. Free masonry was adopted in Germany in the early 18th century and the first grand lodge was opened in Berlin in 1740. Free Masonry became illegal in Germany in 1933.

Famous German free masons include Frederick The Great. Goethe anf Nathan Rothschild to name but a few.

This is one of the finest masonic drinking glasses that we have offered for sale

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Weight750 g


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