The Pantiles - Photographic Print - 1881 to 1900

Artist : published by James Valentine & Co of Dundee
Title : The Pantiles

Medium: Reproduction of photograph
Size: Image  14.7 x 19.2 cm with frame at  21.7 x 26.7 cm

Frame : modern moulded
Restoration: none

Additional Information : This shows the steps at the southern end of The Pantiles with Linden Park Road in the foreground; George Featherstone & Sons took over numbers 70 & 72 - behind the girl with the perambulator - from which he ran a bakers and confectioners in 1881 (his sons - splendidly - being named Frank, Frederick, Fritz and Fawkes). Whilst in situ, George extended the colonnade and built over it to give the buildings on the left a flush frontage; this was completed by 1900 at the latest, as evidenced by other, more recent pictures published in that year.

Prior to Featherstone's taking ownership of the building, it had been one of the original Tunbridge Ware manufactories and shops, and - it should be noted - immediately to the right of the gentleman leaning against the wall-top railings towards the right of the picture, you can see our very own Corn Exchange.


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