Thomason Patent Corkscrew With Patent Badge c1820

Heading : A Thomason patent corkscrew
Date : c1820
Period : Regency
Origin :
Construction :
Bronze, bovine bone, bristle
Size :  24cms when fully extended, 18.5cms at minimum
Condition : Excellent. Fully functional and worm still very sharp
Restoration :None
Weight : 219g

The Thomason patent was the first major corkscrew patent of the 19th century lasting from 1802-1816. This is a good, clean example with the patent badge intact. The worm is of full length at 6cm and the mechanism works well. There is no damage to the bone handle and no significant marks to the barrel.

To open the bottle simply turn the screw anti anti-clockwise to draw it to the top and then screw clockwise to drive the screw into the cork. Once the screw is fully in the cork continue turning clockwise at which point the larger reverse direction thread will be engaged drawing the cork from the bottle. 

Eric Knowles Comment: The engineering ingenuity applied to the simple act of opening a corked bottle is testimony to the importance of wine to English gentleman.






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