Tunbridge Ware - White Wood Round Box with Applied Print of Brighton Chain Pier c1825

Heading : Tunbridge Ware - White Wood Round Box with Applied Print of Brighton Chain Pier c1825
Date : c1825
Period : George IV
Origin : Brighton - probably Morris or Upton given the likely date of manufacture

Decoration : A mounted print showing Brighton's chain pier as it was during the period 1823 to 1831 (as identified by the architectural features shown); hand-painted floral border; plain interior.
Size : 4.6 cm diameter x 3.1 cm in height
Condition : Excellent; print colours are bright and clear, lid fits very snuggly; a little scuffing to the underside of the base
Restoration : none
Weight :  9 grams

Notes : Brighton's Chain Pier was a popular attraction, extant from 1823 until 1896, built opposite to the seaward foot of the present day gardens at New Steine. It was originally constructed as a docking/mooring facility for shipping, with steel arches being integral to its design. These arches were hollow, and in very short order, local merchants established small shops inside them, serving the requirements of passengers embarking or disembarking the maritime traffic; these businesses proved to be so successful that the Chain Pier essentially inspired the later construction of the town's West and Palace piers, which were more deliberately fitted out to accommodate stalls, kiosks and other retail outlets. The pier - properly known as The Royal Suspension Chain Pier - was twice damaged by storms and then repaired, but it fell into disuse with 'wreckage' being sold by 1886, and was finally destroyed by another storm in 1896.

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