A Fine Octagonal Tunbridge Ware Trinket Box Labelled Thomas Barton c1865

Heading : Tunbridge Ware - A Fine Octagonal Trinket Box - Thomas Barton c 1865
Date : c 1865
Period : Victorian
Origin : Tunbridge Wells; England - Labelled for Thomas Barton

Decoration : A lidded box in the form of an extended octagon; a fine example of perspective cube mosaic to the lid, bounded by three continuous kelines and set within a Birds Eye Maple surround which is in turn framed by a nine-square geometric pattern border; flat edges of the lid are plain; to the sides of the base there is quite a simple Berlin Wool-work floral mosaic within pairs of banded and continuous keylines; lined internally with the original gold and blue patterned paper, and to the base with an embossed, dark grey material; working key
Size : 21.6 cm wide x 12.4 cm deep x 6.4 cm high
Condition : Excellent; tile-loss almost non-existent - just one or two pieces have lost their very topmost surface rather than coming away completely; the perspective cubes include some very finely-grained tiles; the corner of one small piece has lifted - very slightly - proud of the surface but is firmly affixed; there are three small indentations to the sides of the lid
Restoration : None; professionally cleaned and polished.
Weight :  329 grams


Notes: This is an interesting piece as the perspective cubes and extended geometric borders are 'throw-backs' to early 19th century designs (1810-35); the wool-work is of an uncomplicated nature which would suggest that it is a similarly early pattern, and which places it around 1840, and yet the label dictates that the piece should post-date 1865. Of course, existing patterns could be replicated at any point after they were first used, and the label may only have been applied long after the piece was completed, so dating these items is an inexact science at the best of times, even without such conflicting considerations. 

This box was sold by Dianne Brick of Amherst Antiques for £550 in 2002. The receipt is included. Despite two decades of inflation we are selling this at a lesser price

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