A Very Fine Tunbridge Ware Jewellery Cabinet with Image Depicting Eridge Castle c1885


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Heading : Tunbridge Ware – A Superb Jewellery Cabinet with Image Depicting Eridge Castle 
Date : c 1885
Period : Victorian
Origin : England; Tunbridge Wells (attrib. Boyce. Brown & Kemp – see below)

Decoration : A low. pillow-like lid with a central panel set in to a satin-wood background with an image of Eridge Castle. within a pair of continuous keylines and a plain elm-veneer border; this is all within a floral wool-work border. with its own continuous and banded keylines; the lid-sides curve under the upper surface. with plain veneers over a beaded frame; the lid is hinged to give a 45mm deep rectangular well. lined in sumptuous red velvet. a pair of -front-opening doors. both with a geometric patterned border within pairs of banded and continuous keylines surround a panel of perspective cubes; each door with a turned stick-ware handle; working lock and key; internally three shallow drawers; each with a geometric patterned or floral wool-work band and turned stick-ware handle to the front face; lined with red satin; all sits on a broad base with plain veneered and bevelled sides with turned. plain mushroom feet. The three sides remaining sides are of un-patterned veneer.

Size : 21.7 x 17.2 x 19.9cm high
Condition : Excellent; there are some shrinkage cracks to the top of the lid but these are now well-lacquered and stable; lacquer-cracks. some minimal grain-splitting and very minimal loss of tesserae throughout; there is a small gouge to one side face and others to the bevelled front of the foot; internally. near perfect.
Restoration : Professionally cleaned and polished
Weight :  1345 grams

Notes: Although Eridge Castle is one of the most commonly used topographic mosaics. this particular version has been attributed elsewhere to the enterprise run by Thomas Boyce. James Brown. and Alfred Kemp from Camden Road in Tunbridge Wells

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