A Tunbridge Ware Pillow-topped Glove Box Box with Tonbridge Castle Mosaic c1860


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Heading : A Tunbridge Ware Pillow-topped Glove Box Box with Tonbridge Castle Mosaic
Date : c1860
Period : Victoria
Origin : Tunbridge Wells. Kent
Decoration : An unusal piece as the body of the box is made from laburnum wood; having a low pillow-like lid with a mosaic of Tonbridge Castle set in Golden Satinwood. within a geometric band and two pairs of banded and plain keylines; narrow geometric pattern band to the four flat sizes. again within pairs of banded/plain keylines and with Golden Satinwood veneer; replacement red silk lining to interior.
Size :  24.1 cm wide x 9.4 cm deep x 7.8 cm high
Condition : Very good; very few missing tesserae – barely in to double figures; small abrasions to the satinwood inlay on the lid; very small gouge to the base of the veneered surround underneath the base. and a small sliver which has split off the inside edge of the side near the lock; please be aware that the laburnum has an obvious and quite open grain-pattern. but this is entirely natural
Restoration : Replacement lining as above; The box has been professionally cleaned and polished.
Weight :  303 grams

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