Tunbridge Ware Four Drawer Table Cabinet c1860


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Heading : Tunbridge ware four drawer table cabinet
Date : c1860
Period : Victoria 
Origin :
Tunbridge Wells. Kent
Decoration : Central abstract foliate design within angled keylines. gemoetric broder within keylines. There is geometric stickware banding to the side panels of the cover. also within keylines. To the front of the cabinet is an image of Hurst Wood cottage within keylines. There is a chain like border also within keylines. Internally there are four boxes of decreasing size from top to bottom. each with a different stickwear geometric band.
Size :  15.6cm height.17cm width. 12cm depth
Condition : Excellent. there is one missing tessera to the front right of rthe keylines around the stickewear border.
Restoration : Some tesserae have been repaired
Weight :  751 grams

Hurst Wood Cottage is one of the less common topographical designs and is in fact a misnoma. The original basis for the design is an engraving in Colbran’s New Guide for Tunbridge Wells and the cottage is in fact a farmhouse belonging to Viscount Nevill that was built in the style of a Tudor yeoman’s house. It was situated on Rusthall Common but no longer exists. The design was used by many makers and as such attribution has proven difficult.

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