Tunbridge Ware Jewellery Case with Curved Lid and ‘Prince Edward’ Mosaic c1850


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Heading : Tunbridge Ware – A Shallow Jewellery Case with Curved Lid and ‘Prince Edward’ Mosaic c1850
Date : c1850
Period : Victoria
Origin : Tunbridge Wells or Brighton

Decoration : rectangular box with a square-ended. curved lid; to the top a mosaic image of a kilted boy in the company of a dog and parrot. believed to be a representation of Edward. Prince of Wales; surrounded by ornate banded key-line stringing. and a nine-square geometric border; a different. ten-square geometric band around the four sides of the base; olive green satin lining; plain painted base; working lock and key
Size : 19.9 x 11.0 x 5.3 cm
Condition : Excellent; one or two scratches. a scuff to the back edge of the lid and bumps to corners; 
Restoration : none
Weight :  226 grams

Notes : The ‘Prince Edward’ mosaic first appeared alongside Henry Hollamby’s topographic mosaics. and these early versions were very much more detailed than later iterations. The Prince was a well-liked public figure. and in the haste to cash in on his popularity it seems that the quality of the image diminished. The wide geometric border around the lid on this piece is also identical to that used on other Hollamby boxes. The Childs family retail outlet in Brighton sold other boxes with this same image. and it’s worth remembering that Hollamby sold his pre-made mosaics and borders to other manufacturers for them to incorporate in their own products; with this in mind. it should be noted that this version faces the ‘wrong’ way compared to the majority of examples (and the original woolwork image on which it was based). and its unlikely that Hollamby would have made this basic mistake if working with his own image !

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