A Tunbridge Ware Square Trinket Box c1885


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Heading : Tunbridge Ware – Small Square Trinket Box
Date : c1885
Period : Victorian
Origin : Tunbridge Wells; Kent

Decoration : Separate lift-off lid and base; small floral motif set in tesserated background to the lid within banded tri-colour key-line stringing and a narrow solid band; a four-square geometric band forms the outer border
Size : 6.0 cm x 2.4 x 1.9 cm
Condition : Excellent; all tesserae in place and firmly set
Restoration : none
Weight :  34 grams

Note : Boxes of this nature are typical of those produced by Boyce. Brown & Kemp; if a little less deep. it would be the archetypal ‘tangram’ box. but these had rather fallen out of favour by this period and a less specific use can be imagined…


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