Tunbridge Ware – A Whitewood Pin Hinge Trinket Box with Floral Decoration c1810


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Heading : Tunbridge Ware – A Whitewood Pin Hinge Trinket Box with Floral Decoration 
Date : c1810
Period : Regency
Origin : Tunbridge Wells or Tonbridge

Decoration : A small rectangular box with a pin-hinged lid. having a small turned handle and sitting on internal side ledges.; the decoration of a simple floral spray within ‘pen work’ borders is entirely hand-done and hints that the box may be somewhat earlier than our conservative 1810 estimate – late 18th century. at a push; it certainly pre-dates the use of applied borders. printed designs and mounted engravings. The pink lining paper hints at a Tonbridge origin. from the Wise manufactory. though the design is far too generic to enable any less vague attribution.
Size :  12.8×8.8×4.5cm
Condition : An unfortunate split right across the base. but everything sits firmly within the frame; also. a shrinkage gap to one corner. but again. all the constituent parts hang together properly; some staining to the corners. but nothing untoward for an object over 200 years old; see below
Restoration : none
Weight :  93 grams

Notes : It is. of course. wholly inappropriate to date anything based on any sort of written dates. but in this instance the dedication inside the lid dated December 1823 is entirely in order. as per our comments above. It’s an enormous shame that the bulk of the handwriting is now illegible. That said. being able to speculate on what it may have said is absolutely part of the fun of the piece – Richard – to my darling – half a year – what do you think ???



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