Very Fine Tunbridge Ware Three Drawer Table Cabinet c1870


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Heading : Miniature Tunbridge ware table cabinet with three internal drawers. Birs Eye Maple
Date : c1870
Period : Victoria
Origin :
Tunbridge Wells. Kent
Decoration : The top is decorated with a  floral mosaic and bordered with a geometric design within keylines. The front is similarly decorated with a mosaic image of roses within a geometric border. Internally the three drawers are decorated with three distinct geometirc patterns and all have turned wood handles.
Size :  14cm height. base 12.5×16
Condition : Good. there are some missing tesserae to the top of the cabinet and a crack to the underside. Otherwise just light scratching.
Restoration : This has been proffesionally cleaned and polished.
Weight : 626 grams

This most closely matches examples attributed to Barton however we have not been able to make a definitive attribution.This box is ideal for storing jewelry. trinkets. or sewing equipment.

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