Tunbridge Ware Square Handkerchief Box with Inlaid Framed Distant Castle c1860

Heading : Tunbridge Ware - A Pin-Hinged Square Handkerchief Box with Inlaid Framed Distant Castle
Date : c1860
Period : Victorian
Origin : Tunbridge Wells; England

Decoration : A low, square box with a pin-hinged lid; decorated with a rococo frame around the view of a distant castle tower, all set within a square frame; two sets of three strung keyline borders then surround a nine-square geometric band, in to which is set a small turned wooden handle on the front edge; to the four side faces of the box, a twelve-square geometric band within banded and continuous keyline stringing; base lined with original red paper
Size :  15.1 x 15.1 x 6.0 cm
Condition : Excellent; very little tile-loss; solid body; one or two pieces of slightly raised but solidly seated stringing, and some very minor splits along the grain of the background veneer framing the lid image; original lining paper very slightly stained.
Restoration : cleaned and polished
Weight : 133 grams

Note : Although unlabelled, the form of this box - and especially the lining paper - are consistent with other pieces identified as coming from Edmund Nye's manufactory; the influence of Thomas Barton can be defined from the inclusion of his signature green oak tesserae in the design.


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