Tunbridge Ware - A Lockable Handkerchief Box with Isometric Cube Pattern c1850

Heading : Tunbridge Ware - A Lockable Handkerchief Box with Isometric Cube Pattern 
Date : c1850
Period : Victorian
Origin : Tunbridge Wells; England

Decoration : Upper face of the hinged lid features a well-made isometric cube pattern with a notable 'green oak' tile; surrounded by two pairs of continuous and banded keyline stringing which enclose a nine-square geometric band; to the four sides of the base, two sets of two continuous and one banded strings border a rather indistinct floral or foliate Berlin wool-work frieze; the remainder with rosewood veneers; original blue lining paper to the base, and the interior with further original paper printed in gold
Size : 15.1 x 15.1 x 5.8cm
Condition : Excellent; very minimal tile loss; the cubes have shrunk a little, leaving some small gaps, and two - perhaps three - give the impression that they may have been re-applied at some point as they're not 100% flush with the rest; lining paper very slightly scuffed and stained; snug fit on closure with a working lock and key
Restoration : small, well made repair to tiny piece of missing veneer to one bottom corner; potential re-seating of cube tiles as above
Weight :  300 grams

Notes : The general formation, lining paper, decoration and inclusion of a green tile are the hallmarks of something dating from the Nye/Barton partnership, from the mid 1850's, prior to the death of the former.


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