Tunbridge Ware Lockable Velvet Lined Box - Dog Mosaic and Floral Frieze c1925

Heading : Tunbridge Ware - Lockable Velvet Lined Box - Dog Mosaic and Floral Frieze c1925
Date : c1925
Period : George V
Origin : Tunbridge Wells

Decoration : To the top face, a dog set within a satinwood reserve with a banded key-line border, further banded key-line to the edges; to the four flat faces of the lid, a five-square geometric OXO pattern, and to the body a floral Berlin-woolwork frieze; internally, plush purple lining; working lock and key.
Size : 18.2 cm long x 7.1 cm high x 9.1 cm deep
Condition : Excellent; all tiles in place, just a few superficial bumps and bruises
Restoration : none
Weight :  392 grams

Note : This is a sturdy, well-made box; the rather indistinct nature of the mosaics with their slightly over-large tesserae along with the OXO band suggest that it should be attributed to the Tunbridge Wells Manufacturing Co, although it is not shown in the editions of their catalogue of which we have had sight; as is often the case with TWM Co pieces, the image is a less-accomplished reproduction of a Henry Hollamby original - in this case, one which had appeared on a smaller, square box dating back to the 1870's

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