A Tunbridge Ware Ring Box with Isometric Cubes Mosaic c1880

Heading : Tunbridge Ware Ring Box with Isometric Cubes mosaic c1880
Date : c1880
Period : Victoria
Origin : Tonbridge, England - made by Thomas Burrows

Decoration : panel of miniature isometric cubes set within key-line stringing, including an unusual and rather fetching multicoloured, banded element; three and five-square geometric borders around all four sides of both body and the lift-off lid; red velvet lined ring-storage compartments, same lining to the lid
Size :  Height 3.1 cm, length 8.8 cm, depth 4.3 cm
Condition : Excellent; all tesserae in place; a few superficial bumps and bruises commensurate with age and use; some pitting to the lacquer (worn in places) which has filled with polish over the years, resulting in scattered, pinprick-sized light specks; a couple of the internal dividers - although fixed in place - do wobble a bit
Restoration : None
Weight : 43 grams

Notes : We have seen two near-identical boxes - of the same construction, with slightly different mosaic bands, one with red and one with a blue velvet interior; the red one was labelled for Thomas Burrows from the period in which he was working in Tonbridge (1877-1883); this attribution and dating can be confidently made.

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