Tunbridge Ware - A Cribbage Board c1895

Heading : Tunbridge Ware - A Cribbage Board 
Date : c1895
Period : Victorian
Origin : Tunbridge Wells; England

Decoration : A floral Berlin Wool-work panel set in to the centre, surrounded by a continuous and a banded key-line; the playing 'fields' are divided by further continuous key-line stringing; lidded compartment for pegs on the underside; stands on four replacement felted feet, which have replaced the original wooden feet. Purple heart and ash pegs included
Size : 25.6 x 7.3 x 1.8 cm
Condition : Excellent - no missing tiles; just one or two very minor bumps and bruises to the top surface
Restoration : replacement feet as above
Weight :  207 grams

Notes : Cribbage boards were clearly relatively simple items to produce, and ideal for utilising smaller pieces of veneer and left-over stick-ware mosaics; as such, the 'everyday' versions such as this piece were rarely labelled to identify the maker. This example, however, uses longer tesserae to make up the background of the wool-work image than would be seen on earlier examples, and the banded stringing is very crisp and, again, looks rather larger than might be the case; these factors indicate that it may well have been the work of Boyce, Brown & Kemp, working towards the latter part of the 19th century.

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