Tunbridge Ware Cribbage Board c1900


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Heading :  Tunbridge Ware Cribbage Board
Date :  c1900
Period :  Victorian
Origin : Royal Tunbridge Wells. England

Decoration : Central floral mosaic panel
Size :  18.4cm x 3.5cm wide
Condition : Excellent 
Restoration : None
Weight :33 grams


The card game Cribbage is believed to have been created in the early 17th Century. The objective of the game was to score a target number of points. typically 61 or 121. The cribbage board was designed to keep track of the score by moving wooden. bone or ivory pegs along the board


This fine Tunbridge Ware example was made circa 1890 from mahogany. boxwood and rosewood and it is in excellent condition. The board itself sits on four turned wooden bun feet and has a circular compartment in the base for storing the pegs. We do not have the pegs but every time I have played in a public house matchsticks are used.



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The story of Tunbridge Ware is not well documented. It reached its peak of popularity in Victorian times when it became fashionable to visit the historic Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells to sample the healing powers of the Chalybeate springs. Local craftsman created a wealth of products that could be bought by visitors to commemorate their time at the Spa. As the popularity of the distinctive marquetry and parquetry products grew so did the complexity and variety of designs and the industry itself.


Once purchased. looking after your cherished piece of Tunbridge Ware is important. Keep it away from direct sunlight and away from direct sources of heat. Do not oil or sandpaper it.  All it requires is a light wax polish once a year and the occasional dusting to maintain in good order.

When our shop finally opens in the Spring of 2021 you will be able to find us in the Corn Exchange on the Lower Pantiles.


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