Tunbridge Ware Games Box Depicting Bayham Abbey c1865


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Heading : Tunbridge ware games box depicting Bayham Abbey
Date : c1865
Period : Victoria
Origin :
Tunbridge Wells. Kent
Decoration : Central mosaic image of the ruins of Bayham Abbey within keylines; this is bordered by a berlin woolwork oak leaf pattern which is also within keylines. The side panels are decorated with fruiting vine berlin woolwork banding. The box contains the rules of Bridge. a cribbage board with six white and two black pegs together with two wooden whist markers
Size :  27.5×22.3×8.5cm
Condition : Good. there is some lifting to the central image. one significant line traverses the image around 2/3 of the way up. Otherwise just general light wear. the image and the woolwork patterns are all crisp and clear
Restoration : The central image has been stabilised. The whole box has been profesionally cleaned and polished
Weight : 1001 grams

The image is originally by Henry Hollamby. We know. however. that Thomas Barton and Edmund Nye also used Hollamby’s version and. while we suspect this is probably a Hollamby original. it might be the work of the Nye / Barton partnership.

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