Tunbridge Ware Bookslide Featuring Glena Cottage Killarney c1880


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Heading : Tunbridge ware boosklide featuring Glena Cottage
Date : c1880
Period : Victoria
Origin :
Tunbridge Wells. Kent
Decoration : One panel is decorated with perspective cubes. the other with an image of Glena Cottage. Killarney. The sides of both panels are decorated with the same geometirc pattern within keylines.
Size :   48cm fully extended. 14cm height
Condition : Excellent. minimal wear and a few light scratches.
Restoration : Proffessionally polished
Weight : 384 grams

Glena Cottage is famous for having been visited by Queen Victoria in August 1861 and for having the first running water toilet in Ireland – a stream ran under the bowl. It was built by Lady Kenmare for the use of visitors and was burnt down in 1922. The ruins are still a popular hiking destination. This particular image was designed by Henry Hollamby and it was most llikely made by Hollamby. However. Boyce. Brown & Kemp later acquired Hollamby’s stock and used many of the same blocks.

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