Tunbridge Ware Pen Box with Perspective Cube Decoration c1860


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Heading : Tunbridge Ware – A Lidded Pen Box with Perspective Cube decoration c 1860
Date : c 1860
Period : Victoria
Origin : Tunbridge Wells; probably Thomas Barton – see below

Decoration : A panel of perspective cube marquetry set within a simple veneered lid with a small. turned handle affixed; the four side faces of the box are of plain veneer; the based is covered with a distinctive marbled paper.
Size : 4.9 cm high x 20.3 cm wide x 10.3 cm deep
Condition : All the tiles are in place and there is virtually no damage to the structure of the box; there are some tiny gaps of just a few millimetres which have been filled or possibly lacquered over some time ago to the corners where the lid is articulated.
Restoration : professionally cleaned and polished; replacement lining paper affixed
Weight :  185 grams

Notes : Although this is demonstrably a Tunbridge Ware box. it is of a lightweight variety and can be likened to other pieces from the workshops of Thomas Barton. The lid – rather than being hinged – is affixed by two small metal pins at each end which pivot through the sides; this has somewhat weakened the box. resulting in the ‘lacquered splits’ as mentioned above. Barton used this method to produce other designs of glovebox. had a penchant for using marbled paper on the base of his works. and was also a practised exponent of the ‘perspective cube’ design…




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