19th Century Writing Slope or Lap Desk - Burr Walnut and Brass Bound c1875

Heading : 19th Century Writing Slope or Lap Desk - Burr Walnut and Brass Bound
Date : c1875
Period : Victorian
Origin : England
Decoration : Quarter-circle brass edging to the top of the lid enclosing a thin brass keyline and to the four short angled sides; the front face also has the thin inlaid brass keylines ; brass escutcheon; two main internal faces bound in blue leather with tooled and gilt decoration; one embossed with the Royal seal and BY ROYAL LETTERS PATENT.351; the other cut to accommodate two flush-mounted ceramic tiles; one face is sprung-loaded and lifts to reveal a set of leather-lined pockets to its underside and a separately-sprung shelf to take a removable curved pen tray and two ink bottles (both present - green glass with hinged brass lids); green felt to the base and a blank shield set in to the top of the lid.
Size : when closed - 39.0 cm wide x 17.4 cm high x 26.7 cm deep
Condition : Very good; some moinor losses to the brass keylines; there is crazing to both ceramic inserts and a Y-shaped crack to one of them; there are two small leather pockets inside the cover (marked POSTAGE and RECEIPTS in gilt lettering) with one of these having become unattached down one short edge; there is dried, spilt ink to the base of the well; and some further spillage evident on the pocket assembly; no further internal damage;  the bulk of the outside is sound, but there are some noticeable scratches and one short, straight crack to the top of the lid
Restoration : None other than the base having been re-felted
Weight : 4746 grams 

Note : With regard to dating this item, there was a printed card inside one of the pockets - black-edged and showing "In Affectionate Remembrance of PETER JOHN CALDER - who departed this life May 28th 1875" along with some additional content; we shall be pleased to include this rather sombre reminder of the mortality innate to the passage of time with this piece when it is sold. Whilst this is obviously no more than 'circumstantial evidence', it is entirely commensurate with the date that should be applied to such a fine writing slope.

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