Tunbridge Ware Writing Slope Depicting Warwick Castle by Henry Hollamby c 1870


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Heading : Tunbridge Ware Writing Slope Depicting Warwick Castle; Henry Hollamby 
Date : c1870
Period : Victorian
Origin : Tunbridge Wells

Decoration : both parts of the hinged lid share a common oak-leaf border. with its own thin geometric outlines; there are two separate inlaid marquetry images. a foliate motif centred on a rose. and the other being an aspect of Warwick Castle with its foreground bridge.
Size : w: 271mm  h 77mm  d 222mm
Condition : Excellent externally;  very minor individual mosaic tile losses here and there. none of which damage the integrity of the images depicted; lid closes flat and flush and locks securely; replacement green baize cloth has been fixed to the base; internally also near flawless; all partitions are present. as are both inkwells with their stick-ware lids; the rim of one lid has a 9mm section broken off. but it still closes securely; what would appear to be the original magenta velvet surface of the writing rest itself is almost entirely intact. worn through in one small patch and bearing evidence of ink spillage and the transference of some writing; the impressed brocade-style decorative border is still clearly evident.
Restoration : None other than replacement cover to base
Weight :  1415 grams

Notes : Henry Hollamby was one of the longest-tenured producers of Tunbridge Ware. having been apprenticed to his father in 1831 aged twelve. and – having completed his seven year training – his own company then going on to trade for a further fifty three years. He was also one of the town’s properly local artisan craftsmen. plying his trade from various premises in the High Street and Chapel Place. on The Pantiles and on Frant Road. This item – though unlabelled – is a typical Hollamby design. with the internal elements being quite distinctive.

ReferenceTunbridge Ware – 3rd Edition (Brian Austin; 2001)


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