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Tunbridge Ware Pen Box By c1870

Heading : Tunbridge ware rosewood  penbox
Date : c1870
Period : Victoria
Origin : Tunbridge Wells England

Decoration : Floral spray with cornucopia  and geometric frame on lid. Continuous floral frieze on sides
Size :  length 22cm width 7cm  height7.0cm
Condition : Excellent. With key
Restoration : None
Weight :  250 grams


The interior is lined with the original paper. A padded piece of coloured silk has been added to the lid. The internal ink spots show that this has been used as was intended as a pen box

Tunbridge Ware became synonymous with the spa town of Royal Tunbridge Wells in the 19th century as wealthy tourists flocked to take the waters, promenade along The Walks, now known as The Pantiles, and enjoy the local sights.  The intricate tesserae designs became more and more elaborate and manufacturers such as Thomas Barton, Edmund Nye and Henry Hollamby applied them to every manner of usable and attractive objects.

This example, although unlabelled, was most probably made by Thomas Barton of Mount Ephraim.


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