A Large And Rare Tunbridge Ware Stationery Box with Dog Mosaic c1900

Heading : Tunbridge Ware - A Large Stationery Box with Dog Mosaic - c 1900
Date : 1890 - 1910
Period : Late Victorian/Early Edwardian
Origin : Brighton or Tunbridge Wells

Decoration : A large miniature mosaic image to of a recumbent dog set within an oval frame within further oval and rectangular banded and continuous keyline stringing; all set within parquetry veneer; further keyline stringing to form rectangular panels to the four flat side faces; both the lid and base have carved pediment edging which makes them larger than the dimensions of the box itself; the whole placed on four small, turned wooden feet; working lock and key
Size :  29.2 cm wide x 20.7 cm deep x 7.1 cm high
Condition :  Excellent - one or two slightly flaked tesserae; the box is solid and robust; the large parquetry veneers to the top of the lid are very, very slightly warped so the surface is not entirely flush.
Restoration : None other than professional polishing and cleaning
Weight :  1201 grams

Notes : This is a most unusual piece, both with regard to the image (much larger than other 'dog' mosaics, and to an otherwise unknown pattern) and to its general form, being far less deep than the vast majority of other boxes. The use of larger than normal tesserae to form the mosaic image and keylines suggests a later date, as given, but it does not appear in the catalogues of the Tunbridge Wells Manufacturing Company who are the usual suspects for early 20th century wares. It may therefore have been produced by the immediate forerunners of the TWMCo - Boyce, Brown & Kemp - though we also have a mind that it may be from one of the transient Brighton manufactories, who were wont to adopt their own particular styles for whatever the relatively short periods during which they were in business; this is supported to some extent by the use of singularly unusual hinge and lock furniture.

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