A Nautical Salvage Lignum Vitae Bowl


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Heading : A Lignum vitae bowl
Date : 2021
Origin :
The wood was reclaimed from Stanilands boat builders yard. Thorne. Yorkshire.
Decoration : Turned shallow bowl with a broad rim and hand carved feet
Size : Height 4.8 cm. Diameter 11.5cm
Condition : New
Weight :  818 grams

Lignum Vitae is amongst the hardest and heaviest woods that have been used commercially. The density is four time that of oak. It was used in marine construction as it is extremely hard wearing and the natural oils prevent degradation.

Burkill and Bedford are the foremost artisan craftsmen utilising reclaimed and upcycled wood in Britain. They have been turning commission pieces for almost 30 years. We are delighted to be their first online outlet.

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