Tunbridge Ware Mosaic Image Of The Pantiles In Marquetry Frame c1880

Heading : Tunbridge Ware Mosaic Image Of The Pantiles In Marquetry Frame
Date : c1875-1885
Period : Victoria
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Decoration : Mosaic image of the Pantiles, frame with wool-work and geometric marquetry patterns
Size :  17.7cm x 24.0 cm
Condition : Very good, some minute separations to the image - but none of the tiles have lifted or moved - and a short (9mm) piece of stringing which is missing from the inside of the frame
Restoration : None, only polished
Weight :  276 grams

Notes: This is the definitive image of The Pantiles, produced by Henry Hollamby, but there has always been a little confusion with pieces of this nature as they have been found bearing the label for 'Thomas Barton, late Nye' - different manufacturers entirely. It's known that Hollamby's topographical images were shared with other Tunbridge Ware makers, and we are now able to follow this up by unequivocally stating that this copy has been framed by Thomas Barton, as we have seen another labelled piece of his which features the exact same 'piano keyboard' border which features on the frame for this example; it's a Hollamby image in a Barton frame.

Of local interest, the reverse of the picture has the remains of a 'Porter's Toyland' label, a shop which flourished in Tunbridge Wells towards the end of the 19th century.

This is the finest of the three examples we have seen


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