Four Tumbling Dice Pattern Tunbridge Ware Coasters

Heading : Four Tumbling Dice Pattern Tunbridge Ware Coasters
Date : April 2022
Period : Elizabeth III platinum Jubilee
Origin :
The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells
Decoration : Mosaic
Size :  11cm x 9.7cm
Condition : New
Restoration : None
Weight : 230 grams

Traditional TUNBRIDGE WARE has been made on The Pantiles and at other sites close by since the latter part of the 18th century, having first seen the light of day in Tonbridge, albeit in a different form.

It was originally used to produce souvenirs for the many gentlefolk who visited the town during its renowned “Summer Seasons”, but ultimately went on to be a means to decorate more domestic products – sewing and work boxes, tea caddies, clocks, barometers, writing cases and the like.

The early wares - made down here and at workshops on Frant Road and around The Common – very often featured the geometric patterns which we have replicated on our pieces, especially the ‘perspective cubes’. It was only later on that a different technique became popular for producing the ‘mosaic’ images of Eridge Castle, Bayham Abbey, The Pantiles themselves and other local sites, which are perhaps more widely known.

The wood was all gathered locally – from the Eridge estate, Happy Valley, Rusthall and Speldhurst – and many local children would earn a few pennies by gathering up the raw materials required for the trade.

It’s almost exactly 100 years since the last commercially-made pieces were produced in the town – although there have been some smaller-scale operations since then – and we are immensely proud to be reanimating the craft and making our pieces available to visitors and residents alike. These have been made from recycled hardwoods such as teak, purple heart, walnut, oak and beech by our own Lee Burkill usit traditional stickware methods. All are treated to prevent wine stains.

Please keep an eye on developments – we’ll have different items available over the coming weeks, and if our stall is not open for business, they will be available inside The Corn Exchange on the Lower Walk and online. We are delighted to be reviving this craft in the town in which it belongs but have come to appreciate why it became uneconomic to produce. Each mat takes up to two and a half to produce.


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