A Large Tunbridge Ware Sewing Box with Hever Castle c1870


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Heading : A Large Tunbridge Ware Sewing Box with Hever Castle image and further mosaic panels.
Date : c1870
Period : Victoria
Origin : Tunbridge Wells. Kent
Decoration : Flat central lid panel with mosaic image of Hever Castle set in Golden Satinwood; bounded by a herringbone border within four continuous keylines (two of which are very dark – possibly coromandel; there are four flat. trapezoid side panels set at an angle to create a bevelled lid. with a central band to the same design as the image border running all the way around. to the four square edges of the walnut body. each has the same herringbone border to a rectangular frame; to the front face. there are two small mosaics within banded and continuous keylines each showing a floral display; to the end faces. one panel on each with a bird; the keyhole is within a plain. shield-shaped flat escutcheon. The body has ledged short sides. on which sits a tray with eleven compartments; three have lift-off lids with turned handles and have herringbone and coromandel borders. which fantastically bright green and yellow inlays. and one has a lift-out red velvet pin cushion fitted on to it’s own rigid base; the lid is lined with red velvet and has a glided metal ‘frame’ fitted which bears a pressed pattern to the sides. between extravagant corner pieces; the body is lined with the original paper.
Size :  31.5 cm wide x 24.0 cm deep x 14.7 cm high
Condition : Outstanding; tesserae and inlays almost entirely complete ; one corner of the lid has been knocked. with veneers missing; an internal crack to the base manifested in a tear to the lining paper; the inlay tray is excellent. with just the larger lift-off lid being warped; bumps. bruises and some tiny gouges to the exterior. entirely commensurate with age; an area of the satin-wood surround to the lid mosaic has a 30 x 35mm area of tiny fissures to its surface. a tiny patch of linear indentations and some very slight separation along the grain; there is very little to detract from the overall appearance of this box
Restoration : None other than some old re-lacquering to the damaged corner.The box has been professionally cleaned and polished.
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Note: This is a substantial. very good-looking box and has only very minor blemishes; the front face has faded in colour. presumably where it has been displayed in sunlight for many years but this is more than compensated for by the amazing colouration on the lift-off lids which have obviously been ‘in the dark’ since they were made; they have the brightest green (oak) inlays. and yellow pieces – which were stained using nutmeg – that we have yet come across and give you an idea of just how striking the box would have looked in its original state; in contrast to the other very similar box from the same source which we also have listed (RP009) the Hever Castle image is to the correct orientation.

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