A Very Fine And Rare Tunbridge Ware Octagonal Work Box by Edmund Nye c1850

Heading : Tunbridge Ware - A Very Fine Octagonal Work Box by Edmund Nye c 1850
Date : c 1850
Period : Victorian
Origin : Tunbridge Wells; England; labelled for Edmund Nye

Decoration : The box lid features an image of perspective cubes within a quadruple continuous border set within walnut veneer; this is bounded by an unusual geometric border featuring extended three-dimensional square tubes inside elongated banding which was a design feature of Nye's former partners from the Fenner company; plain veneer to the square sides of the lid; the base features a perspective 'fence' pattern between wide continuous keylines. The base is lined with a grained red paper. Internally, there are nine compartments, four triangular and five rectangular - four of which have banded lift-out bases; all of these are paper-lined (gold and blue berries and leaves on a white ground); working key
Size : 26.8 cm wide x 21.5 cm deep x 5.8cm high
Condition : Very good; there are some shrinkage cracks to the lid, between the individual elements and along the grain in places, and the surface is a little uneven where tiles have warped, but everything is in place and firmly affixed; there is an old split along two of the short sides of the lid, which has been partly infilled, but which is now entirely stable; the fence pattern is entirely complete; there are very minor bumps and scuffs as you would expect in a piece of this age; internally - everything is absolutely immaculate.
Restoration : Professionally cleaned and polished; old infill to split as above
Weight :  713 grams


Notes: This is an excellent example of Nye's work, and perfect for anyone who is not enamoured with the use of Berlin Wool-work patterns, VanDykes or topographic mosaics; in the fence-pattern and the perspective tubes (as opposed to cubes) it also features two rarely-seen patterns - one for the connoisseur ! The piece can be dated by the design of the label (in use from 1848-1853) as identified by the Furniture History Society.

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