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Sèvres Stock List

The Sèvres porcelain factory had by 1752 a palette of one hundred and fifty three colours. Many of thse colours and the patterns in which they first featured have their own nomenclature. Bleu Lapis,, Bleu Celeste, Gros Bleu. Bleu Nouveau, Monochrome camieu, Lapis et Vert or Saffre et Vert, Poids d'Or, Pontille, Oeil de Perdrix, Petit Vert, Merde d'oie to name but a few. If there is a specific pattern and colour that you are looking for then we would love to hear from you.If you are not a Sèvres collector then we hope that the images and descriptions are still enjoyable to peruse.

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Sevres Hard Paste Porcelain Plate 1780

Sevres Hard Paste Porcelain Plate 1780

Sevres porcelain plate decorated with coquilles with gros bleu edge and scattered flowers


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