W Britain's 2 Pounder Anti-Aircraft Gun on Wheeled Chassis (with shells) - boxed c1946

Description : 2 Pounder Anti-Aircraft Gun 

Manufacturer : W Britain 

Date Of Manufacture : 1946
Origin : Manufactured in Walthamstow, England
Materials : Die cast metal

Packaging : This has its original box in almost perfect condition INCLUDING an original sealed pack of four shells; empirical testing has proven that the firing mechanism is in perfect working order

Condition of Toy : This is in mint condition; the shell packed does have a small hole where the contents have been 'pushed out' at some point

Rarity : Extremely rare in this condition; the only example we have ever seen with the original, unopened shell packet - quite possibly unique in this respect

Notes : Produced under model reference 1717 - part of the "Military Series"

Stamps and Marks : None

Dimensions : 13.2 cm long x 13.4 cm high with gun barrel fully elevated
Weight : 
268 grams


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